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Why You Should Choose Fine Fireclay For Your Butler Sink


Fine fireclay has many benefits over standard ceramic sinks and even more over stainless steel sinks. We will walk you through the key benefits of why you should choose a fine fireclay sink.

Aesthetic advantages:

One key advantage is fine fireclay holds its form and shape a lot better when cooling and drying after coming out of a mould.

Because of this, it is used for designer high quality basins, and durable kitchen sinks.

Practical advantages:

Fine fireclay is also a much denser, heavier material which is fired at temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius, almost twice that of other ceramic.

This makes it less fragile and brittle than standard ceramic, and therefore much more resistant to impact. Many imagine a fireclay sink to be like their basin is their bathroom, where if an accident happens like a perfume bottle drops, it will smash or crack the basin significantly. Fireclay is not like this, it will absorb the impact, or worst-case scenario it may chip, but Turner Hastings now have a solution for repairing chips in sinks, with a quality repair kit made in Germany.

The high-quality glaze makes fine fireclay sinks the most hygienic sink on the market, being completely non-porous and very easy to clean. It also ensures the sink will not stain over time and is highly scratch resistant. However, if your sink does happen to scratch by coming in hard contact with a heavy metal item, these marks can be easily removed using a powder compact called Bar Keepers' Friend. This product can be purchased from some large supermarkets in Australia.

Fine fireclay is also highly heat resistant, so boiling water and hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto the sink on a cold morning, without fear of cracking.

All of Turner Hastings fine fireclay products are made in either Europe or the United Arab Emirates, compared to most standard ceramic products coming from China, none of Turner Hastings fireclay sinks are made in China.

In conclusion, at Turner Hastings we believe that kitchen sinks should only be made from the finest fireclay, and it is for this reason that we give our sinks a 30-year warranty, and some even have a lifetime warranty!

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