Why do people buy a fireclay butler / farmhouse sink instead of a stainless steel sink?


Have you been wondering "why buy a fine fireclay sink over stainless steel or any other type?" The main reason is aesthetics or personal preference but there are many benefits to choosing a fine fireclay sink. 

"Why buy a fine fireclay sink over a stainless steel sink?"

A butler sink can be the centrepiece in your kitchen and make it look a million dollars! It is often chosen to give it a beautiful country style provincial look, complement the Shaker or Hampton style, update a traditional or heritage style house or they are sometimes even used in a more contemporary kitchen. It looks especially brilliant with thick solid timber benchtops. Fine Fireclay (also known as fine fireclay or porcelain) sinks have been around in England and Europe for hundreds of years, so they are nothing new to the world, they are just slightly newer to the Australian market.

A very important point to understand when purchasing a fine fireclay sink is it does require more care than other sinks. This simply means that in a stainless steel sink you can throw cutlery and plates in with little fear of anything breaking, whereas fine fireclay requires placing the items in more carefully. Having said this, Turner Hastings uses high quality solid fine fireclay which is very durable. This durability comes from the sink being fired at over 1250 degrees celsius and being glazed twice for extra durability. It requires a lot of impact to chip or even crack the sink.

For peace of mind, you can purchase a rubber sink mat(click here to view) from Turner Hastings. The rubber sink mat has holes in it to allow water drainage during use. The protector mat prevents smashing a wine glass or damaging the sink with a metal object. Once dishes are done it can be simply dried off, rolled up and placed back into the cupboard.

Another great advantage of a fine fireclay sink is they are often made a lot larger than the stainless steel sinks. It seems stainless steel sinks are getting smaller and thinner to save money, but it becomes impractical for years of use with large dishes, especially if you are one to entertain guests regularly!

Fine Fireclay is also the most hygienic product on the market. It is a glazed product and cannot be stained with anything, even permanent marker can be completely removed with a cloth and minimal cleaning fluid.

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Turner Hastings offer a Lifetime warranty

Fine Fireclay sinks can vary vastly in price. Typically the higher-priced well known branded products are better quality in several ways. Cheaper sinks are susceptible to crazing, which is when the clay absorbs moisture after months or years of use, and grey lines under the surface appear all over your sink. Turner Hastings' Lifetime warranty covers manufacturing faults such as this. This does not apply if you have mishandled your sink.

Finally, when you purchase your fine fireclay sink, make sure you have the sink on-site or with the cabinet maker before making the cabinetry. This is important because being a handmade natural clay fired product, it can vary by up to 2% from the specification, and you will want to get your cabinetry and benchtop perfectly lined up with the sink. Your cabinet maker will make any adjustments to the cabinetry as required to suit your Turner Hastings fine fireclay sink.

If you have any enquiries regarding these sinks, simply give our friendly team a call on 1300 00 22 84 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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