How to Remove & Install a Spout on the Frances Mixer


The Frances twin mixer is one of our popular French provincial style mixers in our tapware collection. In this video we demonstrate how to remove and install the spout on the Frances twin mixer. 

  • To remove the spout:
    Use an allen key to unscrew the screw at the back and pull the spout off upwards

  • Tip: What's important when reinstalling the spout is lining up the hole with the line of rubber underneath it to the back of the mixer. Not the side of the spout that has a split all the way through the grey rubber.

  • To replace the spout:
    - Use an allen key to unscrew the screw at the back and pull the spout off upwards
    - Line up the grey rubber side that has the hole with the line underneath and look down from the top and as you push this into place, make sure it lines up perfectly with the hole in the back
    - Hold it very still put the screw in use the allen key to do it up and then the spout should not come out if it's been installed in the correct position

Made in Italy in the timeless French provincial style, these taps exude rustic charm to make your kitchen that touch more homely. They are finished in elegant chrome, brushed nickel and lacquered bronze, and their handles are white ceramic to complement the fine fireclay sinks they sit above. The handles rotate forward and down, so your splashback won't spoil their operation, and you can manoeuvre the spout so it's not in the way of your taller vessels.

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