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Kirkham 180 x 84 TitanCast Solid Surface Bath - Gloss White
Kirkham 180 x 84 TitanCast Solid Surface Bath - Gloss White RRP: $9,999.00 inc. GST Curated Collection

Introducing the TitanCast Freestanding Bath Collection

TitanCast solid surface baths and basins from Turner Hastings are unparalleled when it comes to quality, performance, durability and beauty for your bathroom. The use of natural, quality materials adds to the overall elegance of this collection and ensures the longevity of your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Modern Freestanding Bath Tubs for Australian Homes

Our exquisite range of TitanCast freestanding bath tubs are now available with leading Australian retailer, Turner Hastings. If you’re renovating your home or redesigning your bathroom to better suit your classic Australian lifestyle and aesthetic, look no further than TitanCast. These bathtubs exude luxury, durability and unparalleled design. These modern freestanding baths are designed to redefine the bathing experience. As part of the Freestanding Bath Collection, they represent the intersection of innovative design, superior quality and eco-conscious manufacturing, so you can enhance your aesthetic guilt-free!

Bathtubs From a Reputable Australian Brand

Here at Turner Hastings, we pride ourselves on being a brand focused on delivering exceptional quality and design in bathroom products. We’re a family-owned and run business operating since 1996 and we are dedicated to high-quality products that elevate your space. All of our Australian-style products are manufactured in Europe, so the European style influence of your modern or classic home will never skimp on integrity.

Curate Your Home in Alignment with Evolving Trends

Our freestanding baths are more than fixtures; they're standalone pieces of art that enhance the overall style of your bathroom. Our bath tubs deliver the perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality with their flawless finish and ergonomic design and are curated with the evolving trends of Australian homes in mind.

Our bath tubs are both on-trend and timeless. You can find classic white bathtubs in our collection, ranging from gloss white to satin silk white or you can opt for one of our Special Finish baths. Available in a huge range of muted colours to suit your renovated or redesigned bathroom perfectly, you’ll never go out of style with a TitanCast.

Choose a Luxurious Experience at Bath Time

Bathing in one of our freestanding baths means more than just washing up; we’re all about luxuriating in the experience. Whether you’re rewinding alone or bathing the kids, our freestanding baths are all you need for an elevated, luxury experience. Unparalleled when it comes to comfort, these baths are perfectly shaped for relaxation and ease of use and provide a depth unmatched.

Here at Turner Hastings, we’ve been providing Australians with premium, trendsetting bathrooms since 1996 so you know that we will deliver high-quality, durable and chic results.

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