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Patri 100 x 47 Fine Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink
Patri 100 x 47 Fine Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink RRP: $2,956.00 inc. GST
Patri 60 x 46 Fine Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink
Patri 60 x 46 Fine Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink RRP: $1,526.00 inc. GST
Patri 75 x 46 Fine Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink
Patri 75 x 46 Fine Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Butler Sink RRP: $1,830.00 inc. GST

Laundry Undermount Sink Solutions for Australian Homes

Our undermount laundry sinks are specially crafted for Australian homes and commercial properties. Perfectly suited for your lifestyle, an undermount sink creates a seamless flow from your counter so you can maintain an elegant design.

Choose Turner Hastings for your interior details. Choose elegance.

Curate Your Home with the Experts

Here at Turner Hastings, we are proud to be one of Australia's leading purveyors of finely curated kitchen, laundry and bathroom products. Choosing a reputable brand that puts design and quality first ensures a seamless curation of your home or business interiors. If you’re building or remodelling, choose a brand you can trust and know that we put sustainability, customer satisfaction and excellence first.

Functional Laundry Room Undermount Sink

Our laundry room undermount sink solutions come in a sleek range of matte and gloss black and white. Using quality materials designed for excellence, our sinks are crafted from fine fireclay, meaning your laundry sinks will be durable, long-lasting and made from natural materials.

Australian-Style Laundry Sink Undermounts

With a chic Australian-inspired design, our products are made in Europe with your home in mind. We know our customers value their Australian lifestyle, whether that means catering for a big or growing family or curating an independent oasis. Whether you’re cleaning up after your pets, managing a household, washing up after a crafternoon, entertaining for the holidays or dipping into your new floristry hobby – the sleek design and superior functionality of your laundry matters.

Undermount Versus Top Mount

If you’re remodelling your home, reimagining your workspace or building your dream house, you might be wondering what the difference is between a top mount and an undermount laundry sink. To put it simply – undermount sinks are a sleeker, premium installation choice because they create a seamless design.

An undermount laundry sink is installed from underneath, whereas a top mount sink has exposed sink edges and are harder to clean. This means that with your new undermount sink, you’ll have a sleek, seamless integration with your countertop, whether you choose granite, marble, tile, wood, concrete, quartz or stainless steel.

If you are seeking an easy to clean, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing sink design, an undermount sink is the way to go for your new laundry space.

Choose Practical Design and High-Quality Materials

With Turner Hastings’ undermount laundry sinks, you’ll be choosing high-quality fireclay materials. This means that your sink will be crafted from natural argillaceous materials like group clays, fine-grained micas and quartz. That may also contain organic matter and sulphur compounds. This means that it’s simply the more durable option when compared to porcelain.

Porcelain sinks are more prone to chips, scratches and discolouration, whereas our durable fireclay, made with superior craftsmanship, has the long-lasting solution you’re looking for, maintaining its aesthetic appeal for many years to come. We also have a lifetime warranty!

Explore Our Range of Home Solutions Suited to Your Lifestyle

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