Rest assured with our industry leading guarantee!


Rest assured with Turner Hastings’ industry leading guarantee!

Worried about breakages in transit? Worry no longer! We are pleased to announce a new industry-leading guarantee – from the 1st of September 2021, if there is damage in transit, we will replace the product free of charge within 365 days of the invoice date.

This guarantee is only valid when Turner Hastings uses its own carrier to ship the goods, not when it is picked up from the Turner Hastings warehouse.

There are just 2 simple steps:

1. To claim, the reseller needs to email a photo of the damaged product in its original box to Turner Hastings. If you discover the damage, send the photo to the store that you purchased the item from. No claims will be accepted without the original box in the photo.

2. We will then dispatch the free replacement product to the same address we originally delivered to, which is usually our reseller’s warehouse.

So, on the rare occasion when an item arrives to our reseller or is delivered to you, and it is broken in the box, you can be confident in receiving a replacement with our helpful guarantee!