We’re open and here for you. Our Sydney office is open 7am – 5pm (AEST) Mon – Fri to take your enquiry.

Our team at Turner Hastings is filled with dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable individuals all with a passion for bathrooms and kitchens. We all love helping our customers have the best experience, with a focus on customer care.

Our culture of customer care allows us to serve the Australian market the way they deserve to be served – to the highest level.

  • Jordan Wallace

    Jordan Wallace

    Sales Consultant

  • Stewart Wallace

    Stewart Wallace


  • Mitchell Wallace

    Mitchell Wallace

    Business Development

  • Alathea Wallace

    Alathea Wallace

    Customer Service Manager

  • Kylie Radovnikovic

    Kylie Radovnikovic

    Marketing Manager

  • Summar

    Summar B-McAuliffe

    Social Media Manager

  • Mark Godwin

    Mark Godwin

    Warehouse Manager

  • Cettina Floratos

    Cettina Floratos

    Internal Sales & Account Management

  • April Ancheta

    April Ancheta


  • Keith Calinga

    Keith Calinga

    Customer Service Assistant