Our team at Turner Hastings is filled with dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable individuals all with a passion for bathrooms and kitchens. We all love helping our customers have the best experience, with a focus on customer care.

Our culture of customer care allows us to serve the Australian market the way they deserve to be served – to the highest level.

  • Alathea Wallace

    Alathea Wallace


  • Angelica Velasco

    Angelica Velasco

    Accounts Receivable

  • April Ancheta

    April Ancheta


  • Bree Herold

    Bree Herold

    Customer Service

  • Chad Wilson

    Chad Wilson

    Business Development

  • Chad Wilson

    Edison Bryden

    Business Development

  • Jordan Wallace

    Jordan Wallace

    Sales Manager

  • Kajal Singh

    Kajal Singh

    Business Development

  • Kareen Alcain

    Kareen Alcain

    Multimedia Designer

  • Keith Calinga

    Keith Calinga

    Customer Service

  • Kylie Radovnikovic

    Kylie Radovnikovic

    Marketing Manager

  • Lana Makdessi

    Lana Makdessi

    Customer Service

  • Marcio Batista

    Marcio Batista

    Warehouse Manager

  • Marvin Johnson

    Marvin Johnson

    Business Development

  • Megan Wallace

    Megan Wallace

    Business Development

  • Mitchell Wallace

    Mitchell Wallace

    Business Development

  • Ralph Canonigo

    Ralph Canonigo

    Website Developer

  • Ray Maloney

    Ray Maloney


  • Sian Gale

    Sian Gale

    Product Development

  • Stewart Wallace

    Stewart Wallace


  • Wallace Pridham

    Wallace Pridham

    Business Development

  • Yolanda Faminiano

    Yolanda Faminiano

    Accounts Payable

Rest assured with Turner Hasting's industry leading guarantee!

If there is an unlikely breakage in transit we will replace the product immediately free of charge within 365 days of your invoice date.

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