Are You Concerned your Fireclay Sink will Stain?


Our fine fireclay sink collection is manufactured with a 100% natural organic and recyclable material used by craftsmen. The sinks are fired to temperatures that reach 1200°C until the clay transforms into a durable, impact-resistant dense material. The special glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay body during firing gives fireclay sinks a nonporouseasy to clean, uniform surface that will not rust or stain over time and is highly resistant to scratches. This makes it less fragile and brittle than standard ceramic, and therefore much more resistant to impact. 

Jordan Wallace had the pleasure of recording a podcast interview with Monique Sartor of Sartorial Interiors about all things Turner Hastings, the history behind the Australian owned family business and answers all the concerns and questions we are often asked about our fine fireclay farmhouse and butler sinks.

"I didn't realise that the fireclay that they're made from is heat and chip resistant AND can be repaired if they somehow were damaged! They don't stain either, so you can use beetroot and tomato paste til the cows come home and not have to hit it with the bleach when you're done!"

Sartorial Interiors is a Sydney based boutique interior design and decorating practice that specialises in bespoke residential projects with loads of personality.

Sartorial Interiors has been owned and operated by Monique Sartor since 2009. Monique enjoys helping clients transform their homes and does it with award winning customer service, artistic fair, common sense, and a healthy sense of humour.

Houzz award winning studio – Monique won best in design this year as well as best in service

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