How to Repair a Scratch on Your Marble Bench Top


Even with regular cleaning and proper care, marble can become scratched and dulled over time. These surface scratches can be removed at home, by wet-sanding the marble to wear away any scratches or etch marks, then buff it to leave a smooth finish. For deeper scratches we recommend seeking advice from a professional.

1. Clean the area with a mixture of mild dish soap and water. Wipe down the area ensuring there is no dust on the marble. Dry off the surface to ensure no soapy residue is left behind.

2. Fill a clean spray bottle with plain water and spray a light coating of water over the marble. The water will make the marble look darker, but it shouldn't leave permanent marks unless you leave pools of water standing for a few hours.

3. On surface scratches, use a #320 grit sand paper and water to polish using light pressure over the scratched area first

4. If you find the scratch is deeper, use #800 grit sand paper to polish again using light pressure over the scratched area.

Normally the scratch is gone after step 3 and step 4. If not, take some scratch repair cream and use the scouring pad to polish again.


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