Which is the Best Kitchen Sink to Buy?


Choosing a kitchen sink can be daunting, there are so many options on the market today. In this article we will go through the main considerations when purchasing a kitchen sink.

These option to consider include size, material, installation style, brands and which accessories are available.

Bowl size:

The main options to consider is do you need a single bowl or a double bowl? Do you have a dishwasher, will you need a second sink? Do you like to fill up one bowl to wash, and rinse or store dishes or pots in the other? If so, you would want a double bowl sink.

Do you leave big dished to soak in one bowl? If so, you may want a double bowl sink.

Do you use large pots and pans, yet never fill the sink up with water? If so, you may want a large single bowl sink.

Finally, if you are tight for space, you may want a smaller single bowl sink.


Installation Style:


This is the most cost effective and common method of installing a kitchen sink. It is easy to do, but there is a small lip above the bench which can get dirty. This can be done in any type of benchtop: Timber, Natural Stone, Composite Stone, Laminate, and Concrete.


This is not so common, the sink top is flat and in line with the benchtop, this makes it easy to clean with no lip. However it cost more than inset installation.



This is more expensive to do than inset, but it is popular as it allows you to show of more of the bench top. It also looks streamlined and modern. However with undermount there is a silicone seal between the benchtop and the sink, and a small gap that can trap dirt. Some lighter sinks come with clips to attach the sink to the benchtop, and heavier sinks need a shelf underneath to support the sink weight.


Butler (Also known as Farmhouse or Apron)

Butler installation creates a style that can't be replicated with any other sink. The front is exposed, and generally the back and sides are installed undermount.

The advantage of the butler sink is it becomes a beautiful focal point in the kitchen. The disadvantage is some install it undermount which creates a small gap that can trap dirt. However, the undermount advantage is the benchtop can be wiped straight into the sink.

NOTE: The back and sides do not need to be undermount, they can also protrude above the benchtop, like in this image:



The aesthetic appeal (certain materials suit different styles) and ease of cleaning of the material is an important consideration.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel has been the most popular cost-effective option for many years.

  • Low cost
  • Cannot break (only dent)
  • Light weight
  • Mostly have drainer options
  • Can be plated in different metal finishes (such as gold, brass, copper, bronze, gunmetal)

Granite or Quartz Composite:

Granite or Quartz composite sinks are made different ratios of granite stone dust or quartz stone dust, and acrylic resin. They have emerged in the market with people wanting black, white or grey sinks rather than metal finish sink.

  • Looks more upmarket than stainless
  • Good variety of colours, sizes, and shapes
  • The reputable brands models have a high temperature tolerance


Fireclay sinks are mostly chosen because of their authentic beauty, and ease of cleaning. Often their large size makes them very practical too.

  • Easy to clean (Especially white is easier to celan than white composite sinks)
  • Very impact resistant
  • Non-porous, therefore stain proof
  • High temperature tolerance


Ceramic sinks (not to be confused with fireclay), are a cheaper option that looks like fireclay.

  • Easy to clean
  • Lower cost than fireclay


There are many brands of sinks available on the Australian market, some are sold directly by brands, and some are sold through resellers. There are pros and cons of each type.

Available from Brand Online Store:

  • Sometimes cheaper

Available through major Australian retailers:

  • Variety of brands to choose from
  • Backup support covering warranty from both manufacturer and retailer
  • Displays available in many showrooms around Australia

Available from Own Brand Online Store:

ABI Interiors

Brand founded: Gold Coast

ABI Interiors is an innovative brand who has created a space in the market where luxury meets affordability.

Available through major Australian retailers:


Brand Founded: Melbourne

Abey is a long established brand in Australia. They have a wide range of kitchen and laundry sinks, bathroomware and tapware.

Which sink is best for you?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the sinks available on the market. It should however, provide a good starting point to help make the best decision for your home.

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