How to Clean Marks Off Your Fine Fireclay Sinks


Should you find yourself with slight grey metal marks on your fine fireclay sink, we highly recommend a readily available product called "Bar Keepers Friend". The 340g Cleanser & Polish is now available in Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets throughout Australia.

We have demonstrated how easy it is to remove these marks with Bar Keepers Friend in our informative video below.

Our customers are very happy with the results as Brownyn Haffey has told us "It is rare to find a product that actually does what it says. You will always have satisfied customers for your sinks etc. If you recommend this product... Wish I'd known about it when we bought the sink. BKF (Bar Keepers Friend) Has also removed marks on the rings around the gas plates on my Smeg cooktop - I also tried everything else to clean them!!"

This is fantastic to know a product as versatile as this works and would benefit anyone to have this product in their cleaning arsenal!

If you would like to protect your sink further from metal marks or just to protect your crockery from our highly durable fine fireclay sinks we have the following products available to purchase through your nearest retailer.

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