How to Install a Butler or Farmhouse Style Sink


For over 25 years, Turner Hastings has been providing unique and exclusive product ranges that allow you to design your bathroom and kitchen with exceptional ceramic pieces both timeless and classic.

Watch this video below to join us as we show you how to install your new Turner Hastings fine fireclay butler sink.

Please note that we highly recommend that the actual sink to be installed is available for the cabinet maker before manufacturing the cabinetry.

This is because fireclay being a natural handmade product is subject to changing size in the heating and cooling processes in manufacturing and can vary from the specifications by as much as 2 percent.

  • Starting off, measure the height of your sink, and use that as the guide to the placement of your sink support system inside the cabinetry.
  • Install your support system, ensuring it is level.
  • Place your Turner Hastings Sink, with the front protruding about 30 to 50 millimetres from the cabinet face, or similar protrusion of your choice.
  • Next step is to prepare your benchtop. Firstly measure the distance from the face of the cabinet to the back of your sink.
  • Then measure the benchtop, allowing for a 5 millimetre internal overhang, or similar overhang of your choice.
  • Cut and polish the benchtop.
  • Next prepare the hole in the cabinet for the basket waste fitting by tracing around the inside of the sink waste hole. Then add 30 millimetres to the circle radius and cut out the hole.
  • Next, drill the tap holes in the benchtop for your selected tapware, and install the tapware.
  • Carefully slide your sink into the cabinet from the front.
  • Use silicone to seal all edges of the sink against the benchtop and the cabinetry, and wipe away excess silicone immediately.
  • Finally, the basket waste needs to be installed. Use silicone when installing to ensure no leaking around the flange.

A removable stainless-steel grid or silicone protector mat can be purchased separately for protecting the base of the sink. You may now enjoy your fully installed Turner Hastings fine fireclay butler sink.

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