Can I use an InSinkErator or other food waste disposer with my ceramic farmhouse sink?


Insinkerator and other food waste disposer brands are becoming a popular choice in kitchens in Australia to reduce food waste going to landfill, instead sending it to sewerage where it biodegrades quicker. It also is beneficial to stop food waste rotting in your kitchen bin where it can attract fruit flies. Farmhouse style sinks made from ceramic or fireclay is also becoming more popular in Australia as more people find the benefit of the chemically-free easy-to-clean surface. 

Can they be used together, or is ceramic too fragile to have a heavy food waste disposer motor attached?

Fireclay is a stronger type of ceramic, that all Turner Hastings sinks are made from, and Turner Hastings guarantees that any food waste disposer can be used with their sinks.

All Turner Hastings sinks still carry a lifetime warranty, and the warranty is still valid when using a food waste disposer.

However, as fireclay sinks are much thicker than stainless steel sinks, you will need to buy an extended flange for your InSinkErator. We recommend purchase of an extended flange and a model with anti-vibration collar.

This is the part that sits in the sink, and goes through the waste hole, see below image:

This product is shown on InSinkErator website on this link

This typically includes a mounting flange, a gasket, and mounting hardware. The mounting flange attaches to the bottom of the InSinkErator and sits on top of the sink, while the gasket creates a seal between the flange and the sink. The mounting hardware secures the InSinkErator to the sink, this is suitable for a sink with a thickness of 18mm or more.

Click here to explore Turner Hastings range of fireclay sinks.

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