How to Create the Ultimate Laundry

Laundries are no longer just a utilitarian room, your laundry has the potential to be a stylish and functional space. Clever design and organisation details will make often the smallest and hardest working room in the house a pleasure to spend time in.

COHESIVE STYE LAUNDRY - Matching your benchtop, cabinets, taps, and finishes in the laundry with your kitchen is a clever way to create a harmonious flow of your home's style. Hamptons homes feature a light and airy colour palette. Shaker-style cabinetry, butler sink or undermount fireclay sink, chrome fittings, and detailed cabinet pulls and handles for a timeless look.

Design: Kitchens by Emanuel. Product: Cuisine 46 Fireclay Sink

CONCEALED LAUNDRIES integrated into the kitchen space is becoming a popular option when space is lacking. If your floorplan allows, adding a door through to the laundry that blends with your kitchen is a clever design feature.

Design & Construct: Cadence & Co
The Palm Co

BE BOLD WITH COLOUR - have fun with colour in the laundry. Choose to go dark or bold with your cabinetry particularly if your kitchen is light or neutral. Using the same style of cabinetry such as a shaker style and using similar hardware finishes will complement the kitchen.  

Interior Design: MI Designer
Photographer: Tim Connolly Photography
Galdor 60 Fireclay Sink

Interior Design: Northlight Developments
Product: Novi 60 Fireclay Sink

Open shelving with functional storage such as baskets, containers and jars can break up the utilatarian feel and add style to the laundry room

Design: #showusyourstyle entry
Product: Cuisine 46 Fireclay Sink & Classico Mixer

Add a time tested feature to your laundry, a ribbed scrub board. Perfect to scrub the most stubborn stains before soaking or hand washings delicates

Add a rail for hanging washing to dry or hang clothing after ironing.

SPACE SAVING TIP: Stack your washer and dryer to save space and where possible gain valuable bench space!

Design: #showusyourstyle entry
Product: Cuisine 68 Fireclay Sink & Frances Twin Mixer

Design tip:
For an easy style update for your laundry use a larger fireclay sink.


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