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Elegant and Durable Basket Wastes for the Kitchen Sink

If you are looking for a waste strainer for your kitchen that will do the job efficiently but that will also perfectly be in sync with your kitchen design, then you have come to the right place. Turner Hastings supplies only the finest kitchen sink basket strainers in Australia that are made of only the best materials. Our products also come with the long screw that makes them compatible with and highly recommended for ceramic sinks.

Say Goodbye to Nasty Clogs and Blockages

It is unavoidable to have food debris accumulate in the sink when washing dishes. With the efficient design of our basket strainers, you won’t have to worry about any of these food bits escaping into the drain and causing a very inconvenient clog in your plumbing. The basket will catch all solid particles and you just have to pull it up and dispose of them in the bin when you are done washing.

Made of Durable and Wear-Resistant Material

Most of the basket wastes that we have in our inventory are made of a combination of stainless steel for the top part and ABS plastic for the base, which makes the basket totally resistant to corrosion. We also have varieties that are made of PBT that is highly resistant to acids, solvents and chemical resistance.

Available in a Wide Range of Finishes

Turner Hastings is proud to offer just about any kind of finish for your sink waste basket. If you are looking for a kitchen sink basket strainer in antique brass, also known as Italian bronze, we have just the part for you. If polished stainless steel basket waste or chrome basket waste is more to your liking, it's not a problem as we have those as well. We also have them in brushed brass, brushed gunmetal, and brushed nickel. If you prefer a matte black or a matte white basket waste, or even one that has the industrial look of concrete, you will find some excellent options in our catalogue.

Whether you just need a replacement basket strainer or are shopping for an entirely new kitchen construction, give us a call so we can guide you into selecting the best basket waste for your sink.

Rest assured with Turner Hasting's industry leading guarantee!

If there is an unlikely breakage in transit we will replace the product immediately free of charge within 365 days of your invoice date.

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