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Fireclay, a powerful, natural material. Our fine fireclay sink collection is manufactured with a 100% natural organic and recyclable material used by craftsmen. Fired to Perfection. Fired to temperatures that reach 1200°C until the clay transforms into a durable, impact-resistant dense material.

The special glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay body during firing gives fireclay sinks a nonporous, uniform surface that will not rust or stain over time and is highly resistant to scratches.

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Explore Our Luxury Fireclay Laundry Sinks in Australia

Get a beautiful laundry sink that is crafted with true care and attention to detail; a sink that is made to last a lifetime. The fireclay laundry sink range from Turner Hastings allows you to elevate the style of your laundry room to the next level whilst offering exceptional functionality and durability for many years to come.

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If there is an unlikely breakage in transit we will replace the product immediately free of charge within 365 days of your invoice date.

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