Choosing the Best Freestanding Bath: A Buyer’s Guide


Are you thinking of installing a large freestanding bath to go with your newly built or renovated bathroom?

A freestanding bath in Australia naturally takes center stage in the shower room. It's an independent fixture that stands on its own and brings luxury to the space. More than aesthetic, your bath will become an escape after a hard day's work. You can have a relaxing time soaking in a concrete bathtub that suits your taste.

Without further ado, this comprehensive can help you make the right bathtub buy to make your space shine!

Freestanding Tubs— What to Consider?

There's no denying that a freestanding stone bath can come at a hefty price. Considerably, purchasing specific models is already an investment. That means you must find the most comfortable bathtub with a design and price that works for you. If you have children, you need to consider the size and safety of the stand-up bathtub, too.

Several things matter when you shop for your free-standing baths in Sydney, Melbourne, and other Australian cities. Although the overall look is a huge deciding factor, you cannot skip a going-over of each of these considerations.

  • Size and space
  • Layout
  • Luxury or practicality
  • Shape
  • Material and colour
  • Fittings
  • Brand

Large or Small Freestanding Bathtubs?

The most important consideration to start with is how much space to do you have? For example, a bath for small bathroom spaces will likely require shorter tub models. There's a selection of small freestanding bath 1,200mm in length for such requirements.

A standard bath ranges anywhere between 1,600mm and 1,700mm. However, you can find a wide array of sizes beyond these measurements. Large bathtubs in Australia can have a length of up to 1,800mm. Plenty of people also prefer a 1,500m bathtub, which fits just right in most bathroom layouts.

For cleaning purposes, you may have to leave a 10-cm gap around freestanding tubs. However, you can still place it up against the wall if you find it more suitable for your interior.

Bathroom Layout and Tub Placement

Will the freestanding bathtub work as a centrepiece? If it is, then you need to plan the space accordingly. You can pick a large free standing bath to fill the mid-portion of your washroom. This arrangement can wow your guests with impeccable taste.

On the other hand, you can also choose a corner bath small enough to fit a tight area. Still, you should opt for a unique design that cannot easily get swallowed by the rest of the fixtures. Most often, a stand-up bath looks great when installed near the window, promoting a sense of symmetry in the room.

Luxury or Practicality of a Freestanding Bath

Do you need the bath to be low enough to comfortably reach over to wash the kids and a bath that is easy to clean will be a high priority. Inset baths may be more practical for younger children where you could sit on the edge to attend to the children, if you have the space and prefer a freestanding bath add a stool next to the bath to sit comfortably during bath time.

Consider what accessories you might like to add to the freestanding bath, where freestanding baths lack storage space. A bath caddy may be important to corral your body wash, kid's toys, a glass of wine, a book or anything you would like to have in the bath with you.

Perhaps a luxury experience is more of a priority, organic curves and a soft touch feel to create a relaxing retreat is high on your list, considering the material and shape of the bath may be of more interest. Look for baths that you can see in a showroom for the see and touch experience when deciding to purchase.

The Shape of a Comfortable Bathtub

Do you like a long soak in the bathtub? Soft organic curve and the length that is suited to your height would be ideal, you should be able to stop yourself from slipping and your neck supported comfortably. A rectangular bath with a soft shaped rolled edge will also make for a comfortable soaking bathtub. Round freestanding baths have emerged in the market and provide maximum impact, certainly a design statement away from traditional shaped bathtubs.

Which Material is Best for a Bathtub?

The price points for various freestanding bathtub models usually depend on the material used. Some best bathtubs in Australia are very heavy, which could become an issue if your flooring can't bear the weight. For that reason, choosing the right material is a priority when shopping for a free standing bath, too.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic has a dependable quality, lightweight and affordable. Today's designs using this synthetic plastic greatly improved. This material retains heat well and offers a warming sensation. It's highly mouldable into various shapes and designs. However, it scratches easily and still feels plastic to touch.

  • Solid surface

A solid surface bath uses a composite material that possesses a stone's durability without weighing too much. Freestanding corner bath in Australia made of a mineral and resin mix are often pricier. On the plus side, solid surface tubs provide good heat retention and are available in stunning designs.

  • Stone composite

The most elegant stone freestanding bathtubs can have varying formulations but usually have an epoxy base and marble granules. This type is non-leaching and non-porous. The only downside is that a stone look bathtub can take longer to heat up.

  • Enamelled steel

Freestanding metal bathtub Australia is naturally cold before filling up, but heat travels quickly throughout the material. Unlike other models, steel tubs allow bathwater to remain hot for long. However, you should take care not to drop heavy items that can cause abrasions.

Fittings for the Freestanding Bath

A stone bathtub or concrete bathtub comes with tapware that matches your minimalist or quirky taste. There are freestanding bath taps Australia markets make available for you. You can pick between wall-mounted fittings like a vanity shelf or floor-mounted taps. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the style and accessibility that fits you.

Bathtub Brands: Our Top Picks

Here's a quick rundown of market-leading free standing bath in Australia from across the globe:

  • Kaldewei (Germany). As an international manufacturer, Kaldewei specialises in bathtubs and pressed steel shower surfaces.
  • Victoria & Albert (UK). This brand is a UK-based supplier of sophisticated solid surface baths and basins.
  • Kartell (UK). Kartell freestanding bathtubs have a modern minimalist style in unique shapes and designs.
Turner Hastings (Sydney). Our family-owned business produces top-quality TitanCast solid surface baths that are popular in the market. We also have a wide array of baths and other essentials for your home.

Which Best Freestanding Bath Fits Your Style?

This buyer's guide can hopefully lead you to the right choice. Turner Hasting's range of freestanding bath in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities deliver style, comfort, and durability. You can take advantage of our lifetime warranty and 365 breakages in transit guarantee to elevate your shopping experience. Browse through our products or talk to our customer care experts today to find a retailer near you!  

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