What is TitanCast Solid Surface?


TitanCast is a solid surface material made from blend of premium light materials, with a ratio of 50% high-quality mineral fillers (such as Titanium and Quartz) and 50% resin. This unique formula of higher than industry average level of high-quality resin ensures the baths' quality allowing us to guarantee it with a lifetime warranty.

Using this superior material, the Turner Hastings TitanCast Solid Surface Freestanding Baths and Basins are unparalleled in quality, performance, durability, and beauty. They are non-porous, hygienic, stain and chemical resistant, and a repairable material. The satin silk finish is easy to clean and does not show fingerprints.

The advanced blend of premium materials that are light in nature make the baths easy to install. Any scratches or marks can easily be buffed out with a refurbishing pad throughout the bath's lifetime. Furthermore, the white finish is crafted to match high-quality ceramics creating a cohesive look in your bathroom.

TitanCast Solid Surface is available in a large range of special finishes available. The solid surface is coloured throughout the material so will not scratch through to another colour unlike some gelcoat or painted exteriors.

Made in South Africa
, rest assured with a lifetime warranty on the TitanCast Baths and Basin.


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