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Fino Collection: Hand Basin Testament to Australian Elegance

Discover the Fino Collection from Turner Hastings, a unique assembly of products that redefines sophistication. Featuring a wide range of above-counter basins and hand basins, our Fino Collection is curated to bring a touch of luxury to your Australian bathroom.

Above-Counter Basins: A Symphony of Style and Practicality

Explore our selection of above-counter basins from the Fino Collection and each piece is crafted meticulously to exude elegance. Designed to merge with any décor effortlessly, our basins elevate your space while providing superior functionality.

Hand Basin: Reflecting Your Taste

Each hand basin in our Fino Collection is more than just sanitary ware. It’s a testament to your refined taste, reflecting Turner Hastings’s commitment to quality and style. Our expert hand basin design showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail, both hallmarks of our brand.

Hand Basin Design: A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

With a focus on aesthetic appeal and functionality, each hand basin design in the Fino Collection is crafted to blend seamlessly with your decor. Choose from our range of exquisite designs to find a hand basin that complements your space and showcases your style.

Experience the Fino Collection by Turner Hastings

Embrace the elegance and functionality of the Fino Collection. Our range of above-counter basins and hand basins will help to redefine your space. Experience our brand, where quality and design converge.

Elevate Your Space with the Fino Collection

Ready to reimagine your Australian space? Contact us online or call us on 1300 00 2284 or explore the Fino Collection online. Discover the unique blend of style and functionality that is the hallmark of the Fino Collection by Turner Hastings. Experience our difference, where quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction come together.