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Are you tired of the regular nondescript sink that has been sitting in your kitchen or laundry all these years? Take your interior style to the next level by switching to a fireclay counter-top sink. An unmistakable magnificent upgrade, countertop fireclay sinks are among the bestselling sinks in the Australian market today because of their sheer beauty and unparalleled durability.

Here at Turner Hastings, we offer superior quality countertop fireclay sinks that are made all the way in Europe. Explore our categories and find the perfect one for your home.

Outstanding Features of Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay has always been the toughest material that is used for sinks. The firing process at very high temperatures guarantees the durability of the finished product. It can easily withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and will not be affected when you pour boiling or ice-cold water. It is also highly resistant to stains, acids and chemicals, making it perfect for washing foodstuff or even for soaking garments.

Benefits of Countertop Sink Style

Glazed on all four sides of the sink, the sink basically just sits on the counter, the installation process is very easy. In the same way, cleaning and maintaining the sink would also be quite simple. Our countertop fireclay sinks are very tough but in case it gets damaged, replacing it would be a breeze.

Compared to other types of sinks or basins, a single bowl counter-top sink has higher sides. This keeps water from splashing outside the basin while you are doing your washing. The vast dimensions also make it a versatile sink that is suitable for multiple applications.

Ideal as a Laundry Sink

The countertop style is a popular choice for sinks in the laundry area. Typically installed on a lower bench top, a laundry countertop sink would have sufficient depth and volume to accommodate large amounts of clothing, making it perfect for washing and soaking. The white countertop sinks that Turner Hastings currently have in stock have a capacity of 36L and 58L.

Turner Hastings carries the best European countertop sinks in Australia. To find out more about our products, simply browse our shop or call us directly so we can answer all your questions.



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