Cuisine 30 x 46 Inset / Undermount Fine Fireclay Matte White Sink
Product Code: CU303FS-MW

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    The Cuisine 30 is perfect for the modern kitchen. It has been intelligently designed to be installed either inset or undermount. Install undermount for a great preparation sink! Match it up with one of the other two square-shaped sinks in the range and place them side by side for a bowl-and-a-half design. Made in Europe the high quality fireclay and glazing is highly durable. This sink is thermal shock resistant which means it can withstand fast changes in temperatures such as boiling water which makes it stand out from other sinks on the market. The sink is highly stain scratch and chemical resistant making it more hygienic than most sinks on the market. Adding to the unique beauty of this sink is it's fine fireclay composition which is a stronger and less brittle product than ceramic making it highly durable against the impacts of daily washing up. With a lifetime warranty you cannot go wrong with a Turner Hastings sink. It includes a free basket waste to suit. Protect the base of your sink - rubber sink mat available (purchased separately on this website).


    Upgrade Options: Coloured finish basket wastes are available RRP $59 incl. GST when purchased together with this sink. Please see link here

    RRP:604.00RRP: $604.00 inc. GST Curated Collection


    For peace of mind, Turner Hastings offers the following warranty on this product and its components:

    • Fine fireclay - Lifetime

    For more details, click here to refer to our warranty page.


    Material: Fine Fireclay
    Finish: Matte White
    Waste outlets included: 90x50mm Stainless Steel Basket Wastes
    Mounting options: Inset & Undermount
    Capacity: 17L
    Internal depth: 175mm
    Approx. internal radius: 15 mm
    Approx. external radius: 45 mm
    Suitable for use with food waste disposer – we recommend purchase of an extended flange and a model with anti-vibration collar
    Note: Fine Fireclay is a natural product and therefore subject to variations. This should be seen as a quality that adds to its unique natural beauty. Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and acceptable and are within industry tolerance. We always recommend the cabinet maker and stone provider has the actual sink with them to measure before making cabinetry or cutting stone. For more information please visit our Installation Care & Warranty page or Contact Us.



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    Cuisine 30 x 46 Inset / Undermount Fine Fireclay Matte White Sink
    Cuisine 30 x 46 Inset / Undermount Fine Fireclay Matte White Sink Cuisine 30 x 46 Inset / Undermount Fine Fireclay Matte White Sink Cuisine 30 x 46 Inset / Undermount Fine Fireclay Matte White Sink

    Elegant Inset Sinks: A Blend of Style and Functionality

    When selecting the ideal sink for your kitchen or laundry space, the options can feel overwhelming. If you're seeking a seamless blend of style and functionality, look no further than the exquisite range of inset sinks offered by Turner Hastings. Discover our diverse collection and find the perfect sink that complements your kitchen or laundry area flawlessly.

    Advantages of Opting for an Inset Sink

    At Turner Hastings, our array of sink options showcases unique strengths and features, but the inset sink stands out for several compelling reasons. Designed to rest atop the countertop, an inset sink exudes a timeless appeal while preserving your timber or laminate benchtop from potential water damage and weakening of the substrate.

    The benefit of this is that when you choose to install a timber or laminate bench top it prevents any water damage in the bench top. Unlike contemporary undermount sinks, inset sinks create a visual focal point with the lip sitting above the bench, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

    Versatility in Colour Selection

    Traditionally, fireclay sinks were synonymous with classic white hues. However, at Turner Hastings, we recognize your desire for a personalized touch. Our selection includes an array of sophisticated matte black designs in addition to the timeless gloss white inset sink options, enabling you to harmonize your sink choice with your unique style.

    Ideal for Laundry Spaces

    The adaptability of our inset sinks extends beyond just the kitchen, making them a remarkable addition to laundry areas. Deep inset sinks cater perfectly to tasks such as garment soaking, offering convenience and functionality. Moreover, incorporating an inset sink in your laundry room contributes to a tidier and more organized ambiance.

    Inquire and Make an Informed Choice

    Are you contemplating the installation of an inset sink but still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance. We're dedicated to assisting you in making the optimal choice for your space.

    Rest assured with Turner Hasting's industry leading guarantee!

    If there is an unlikely breakage in transit we will replace the product immediately free of charge within 365 days of your invoice date.

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