Thin Rim Ceramic and Fine Fireclay Basins

Bathroom basins have come a long way since the two-inch-thick wash basins of the 1900s. In fact, bathrooms have come a long way since those days where regular bathing was considered decadent and unnecessary. The latest in European styling is now seeing the rise of elegant thin rim basins to compliment designer bathroom spaces. These basins are slim, sleek, sophisticated and are available in a range of sizes to fit any luxury bathroom. If you're trying to achieve a modern design, thin rim basins are a current and rising trend bathroom design.

How to choose the right basin

With the ever-expanding range of different styles and designs on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right basin for your new bathroom or renovation. We've compiled a list of the different styles to help you navigate your way through your project.

Counter Top Basins

Sometimes called vessel basins, these basins sit entirely above the bench top (as the name suggests). They are best suited to tall mixers or wall mounted basin mixers. Counter top basins can give an artesian style to a bathroom and will complement a range of materials and finishes. Whilst creating a great feature, they are sometimes not a practical choice for families with young children as the curve and height can make it difficult for young kids to reach the basin.

Inset Basins

Known as a drop-in or recessed basins where the majority of the basin sits under the bench top. This design is well suited to most standard basin mixers as they can simply sit on the tap landing or come through the bench top itself. Whilst being very cost effective, the design does have some drawbacks including difficulty cleaning where the rim meets the bench top.

Under Counter Basins

As the name suggests design involves the entire basin being mounted under the bench top to achieve a sleek and minimalist appearance. These designs are extremely easy to clean and are generally low maintenance.

Whatever bathroom style you're trying to achieve, Turner Hastings will help you every step of the way. Browse our site for ideas and we'll help you find the perfect basin to complement your design. Contact us today and make a start on your next project.

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