Ever wondered how to fix a chip on your ceramic basin or sink?


We recommend Cramer repair products from Germany.

Firstly, match the colour of your sink with the Cramer repair colour options.

Alpine White has a market share of about 90% in white tones in Europe (it is a light greyish white).

Small tip: if you place a sheet of white paper in a sink and the sink appears much greyer than the paper, then the sink probably has a white alpine tone

If the sink is white like the paper, then it is probably a Star White tone.

Turner Hastings products match to Alpine white the closest.

Secondly, identify the type of damage, then purchase the right product to repair the damage:

  • The Repair-Sprays are suitable for scratches and blemishes. One sprays lack on the sink/tub to cover the defects.

  • The Touch-Up Sticks are used for small damages like scratches, blemishes and little impact holes. In case of a hole or small chipping the lack is applied with a little paintbrush in several times and is allowed to dry between each application until the hole is filled.

  • The Repair-Kits are for minor damages up to about 25 mm. There the filler is applied on the hole or chipping to fill it. Then the lack spray is sprayed on the reparation in order to cover it and match the colour of the bathtub/sink/basin etc.

These products can be found from online shops that ship internationally such as eBay.

We hope this helps!

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