How To Remove and Install a Toilet Seat

Removing and installing a Turner Hastings toilet seat is very easy. Jordan demonstrates how to remove and then install a Turner Hastings toilet seat. The luxury soft closing seat and quick release allows you to simply press two buttons and the seat slips off its hinges for easy cleaning around the fixing area. Using a flat head screw driver careful...
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How Durable is a Turner Hastings Fireclay Sink?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dropped a saucepan into a fireclay sink? Rest assured your sink can withstand the impact! Cettina demonstrates in this video what would happen if you dropped a saucepan into the sink from a height, you will see the sink is not affected at all only slight metal marks which will easily clean off with a ...
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5 Advantages of a Rimless Toilet

What is a Rimless Toilet? Traditionally toilets have a rim around the inner part of the toilet, this is also known as a "box rim" where there are a number of holes around the rim to release water when flushed. A rimless toilet without the rim inside the pan is the most hygienic choice for your toilet, they are very easy to clean and has an excellen...
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Which is the Best Kitchen Sink to Buy?

Choosing a kitchen sink can be daunting, there are so many options on the market today. In this article we will go through the main considerations when purchasing a kitchen sink. These option to consider include size, material, installation style, brands and which accessories are available. Bowl size: The main options to consider is do you need a s...
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How to Repair a Scratch on Your Marble Bench Top

Even with regular cleaning and proper care, marble can become scratched and dulled over time. These surface scratches can be removed at home, by wet-sanding the marble to wear away any scratches or etch marks, then buff it to leave a smooth finish. For deeper scratches we recommend seeking advice from a professional. 1. Clean the area with a mixtur...
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What is TitanCast Solid Surface?

TitanCast is a solid surface material made from blend of premium light materials , with a ratio of 70% high-quality minerals (such as Titanium and Quartz) and 30% resin.  Using this superior material, the Turner Hastings TitanCast Solid Surface Freestanding Baths and Basins are unparalleled in quality , performance, durability, and beauty. The...
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Design Trends: Matte White Finishes

Not only are colour trends a huge focus for interior design but surface trends are a real focus these days and  matte finishes are leading the charge.  Glossy finishes in paint choices, appliances, and fixtures are giving way to a more sophisticated alternative in a matte finish. The  low glare nature  of matte white f...
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How Durable are our Special Finish Basket Wastes?

We have a large range of basket waste finishes and are often asked how durable are your basket wastes or what is the difference between a PVD or an electroplated basket waste? Below we take you through the different materials you will find in our special finish basket wastes and the key advantages of each. Stainless Steel with Electroplated finish ...
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How to Create the Ultimate Laundry

How to Create the Ultimate Laundry

Laundries are no longer just a utilitarian room, your laundry has the potential to be a stylish and functional space . Clever design and organisation details will make often the smallest and hardest working room in the house a pleasure to spend time in. COHESIVE STYE LAUNDRY - Matching your benchtop, cabinets, taps, and finishes in the laundry with...
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Will the New Matte White Basket Waste Stain?

We are often asked will the matte white basket waste stain? So we put it to the test!  You can see from the results below the basket waste is made from a premium polypropylene material that is stain resistant as you can see from our before and after image!   Before: T urmeric and Beetroot left on the waste for over 60 minutes.   Afte...
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How to design a Hamptons Style Bathroom

The Hamptons style is a design trend well at home in Australia. Characteristically inspired by the architecture and decorating of homes and buildings in the luxury seaside estates along the eastern beaches of upstate New York's neighbouring Long Island. This distinctive Hamptons style of a fresh airy palette of white, natural textures, ocean inspir...
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How to clean marks off your fine fireclay sinks

Should you find yourself with slight grey metal marks on your fine fireclay sink, we highly recommend a readily available product called "Bar Keepers Friend". The 340g Cleanser & Polish is now available in Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets throughout Australia. We have demonstrated how easy it is to remove these marks with Bar Keepers Friend in...
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Are You concerned your Fireclay Sink will chip or crack?

Jordan Wallace had the pleasure of recording a podcast interview with Monique Sartor of Sartorial Interiors about all things Turner Hastings, the history behind the Australian owned family business and answers all the concerns and questions we are often asked about our fine fireclay farmhouse and butler sinks. ​ "I didn't realise that the fireclay ...
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Ever wondered how to fix a chip on your ceramic basin or sink?

We recommend Cramer repair products from Germany. Firstly, match the colour of your sink with the Cramer repair colour options. Alpine White has a market share of about 90% in white tones in Europe (it is a light greyish white). Small tip: if you place a sheet of white paper in a sink and the sink appears much greyer than the paper, then the sink p...
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Why You Should Choose Fine Fireclay For Your Butler Sink

Fine fireclay has many benefits over standard ceramic sinks and even more over stainless steel sinks. We will walk you through the key benefits of why you should choose a fine fireclay sink. Aesthetic advantages: One key advantage is fine fireclay holds its form and shape a lot better when cooling and drying after coming out of a mould. Because of ...
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Why do people buy a fireclay butler / farmhouse sink instead of a stainless steel sink?

Have you been wondering "why buy a fine fireclay sink over stainless steel or any other type?" The main reason is aesthetics or personal preference but there are many benefits to choosing a fine fireclay sink.  "Why buy a fine fireclay sink over a stainless steel sink?" A butler sink can be the centrepiece in your kitchen and make it look a mi...
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Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Bathroom

When it comes to building or renovating your home, trying to get the most out of every available inch of the floorplan is quite a challenging yet rewarding task. A common theme amongst home owners, after the required number of bedrooms have been agreed upon, is to work out how many bathrooms you will need for your family to avoid the peak hour rush...
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Sanitaryware Solutions for Today's Childcare Centres and Maternity Wards

Childcare facilities have quite a bit to contend with, and when it comes to having the right equipment to do their job they need something they can rely on, that's great quality that will meet the health and safety requirements set out by governing bodies. A key area for many childcare centres is their baby baths, and the Turner Hastings Baby Bath ...
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The History of the Butler/Farmhouse Sink

The Butler Sink (also known as the Farmhouse Sink and Apron Sink) has quite an interesting history. Before the implementation of plumbing systems, if people wanted water they would need to haul buckets from lakes, rivers, streams and wells in to the home to use for their everyday needs like washing dishes, boiling food and cleaning clothes. Not all...
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Choosing Ceramic or Fine Fireclay basins over Polymarble and Acrylic

Durability and design are key features to consider when creating the bathroom of your dreams. Your basin is the centrepiece and one of the most used fixtures within your bathroom. Features of Ceramic · Ceramic basins are highly stain, scratch and chemical resistant. · Ceramic is much more hygienic than acrylic and polymarble and is much easier to c...
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