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Fine fireclay has all the benefits that standard ceramic has over stainless steel sinks, plus more!


Aesthetic advantages: One key advantage is fine fireclay holds its form and shape a lot better when cooling and drying after coming out of a mould. Because of this, it is used for designer high quality basins, and durable kitchen sinks. This advantage means that the sides of the sinks are nice and straight and flat, compared to cheaper ceramic alte...
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Camden case study

  A Home Tour with Doris & Robert of Elderslie We toured a late 19th century home in the Camden, NSW area and would love to share our story with you. A candid conversation with Doris and Robert about the history of their home, how they found inspiration for their kitchen renovation and why they chose the Novi 85 butler sink. Click on the v...
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Why choose a ceramic sink over stainless steel?


Have you been wondering "why buy a ceramic sink over stainless steel or any other type?" The main reason is aesthetics or personal preference but there are many benefits to choosing a ceramic sink.  "Why buy a ceramic sink over a stainless steel sink?" A butler sink can be the centrepiece in your kitchen and make it look a million dollars! It ...
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Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Bathroom


When it comes to building or renovating your home, trying to get the most out of every available inch of the floorplan is quite a challenging yet rewarding task. A common theme amongst home owners, after the required number of bedrooms have been agreed upon, is to work out how many bathrooms you will need for your family to avoid the peak hour rush for school and work. 

It is always said that you can never have enough bathrooms. So, when you have outlined the bigger, more commonly used bathrooms in the house, what features should you consider for the smaller ones that you want to be more functional than just a toilet?

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Sanitaryware Solutions for Today's Childcare Centres and Maternity Wards


Childcare facilities have quite a bit to contend with, and when it comes to having the right equipment to do their job they need something they can rely on, that’s great quality that will meet the health and safety requirements set out by governing bodies. 

A key area for many childcare centres is their baby baths, and the Turner Hastings Baby Bath is a product that meets Australian standards. Designed and constructed in Europe, the Turner Hastings Baby Bath is made from sanitary grade acrylic, which has been reinforced by high-quality fibreglass, providing a safe, sturdy and hygienic area for babies to be bathed. 

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European Design for Australian Shores


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (Author)

It’s no coincidence that some parts of the world are known for producing some of the most beautiful fashions and styles across a broad variety of industries consistently. From clothing and accessories, to architecture and artistry, Europe has always been known as the leader, and genesis, of some of the most beautiful fashions and styles.

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While the end of the year is the perfect time to start to wind down from a hectic year of work, a break that is much needed, it is also the ideal time to take a moment to look around your home and see if there are any areas you feel could do with a bit of TLC.

So what are some areas that you can focus on that need a bit more attention than others?

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The History of the Butler/Farmhouse Sink


The Butler Sink (also known as the Farmhouse Sink and Apron Sink) has quite an interesting history.

Before the implementation of plumbing systems, if people wanted water they would need to haul buckets from lakes, rivers, streams and wells in to the home to use for their everyday needs like washing dishes, boiling food and cleaning clothes. Not all of these sources of water were close by.

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Sydney Build Expo 2017

Untitled 9

Since its inception back in 1996, Turner Hastings has been providing globally sourced quality European designed and styled bathroom and kitchen products for the Australian market. 

Its founder, a qualified plumber by trade, recognises the need to align bathroom and kitchenware's global trends with the demands of the Australian market. Combined with its key focus on customer service, Turner Hastings has become a trusted partner to many of its Retail-based clients.

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Everything You Need to Know about Bathroom Trends for 2017

Bathrooms are fast becoming an area of the home where you can showcase modern design and the latest trends. Far from the bland functional spaces that we saw in the 80s and 90s. It’s about time too given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom. So why not splurge on creating a beautiful space.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or in the process of building, this article is for you. Stay ahead of the trend and future proof your bathroom with these 2017 and 2018 bathroom trends.

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Choosing Ceramic or Fine Fireclay basins over Polymarble and Acrylic

fresh bathroom door decals good home design cool at home improvement

Durability and design are key features to consider when creating the bathroom of your dreams. Your basin is the centrepiece and one of the most used fixtures within your bathroom.


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Expert Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathroom Scenes 48 FI

Make your bathroom a showpiece in your home, after all, it is one of the most used rooms in the house! Before embarking on your bathroom renovation, take some time to consider the following tips:


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Thin Rim Ceramic and Fine Fireclay Basins – Turner Hastings


Bathroom basins have come a long way since the two-inch-thick wash basins of the 1900s. In fact, bathrooms have come a long way since those days where regular bathing was considered decadent and unnecessary. The latest in European styling is now seeing the rise of elegant thin rim basins to compliment designer bathroom spaces. These basins are slim, sleek, sophisticated and are available in a range of sizes to fit any luxury bathroom. If you’re trying to achieve a modern design, thin rim basins are a current and rising trend bathroom design.

How to choose the right basin

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