Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Bathroom

When it comes to building or renovating your home, trying to get the most out of every available inch of the floorplan is quite a challenging yet rewarding task. A common theme amongst home owners, after the required number of bedrooms have been agreed upon, is to work out how many bathrooms you will need for your family to avoid the peak hour rush for school and work. 

It is always said that you can never have enough bathrooms. So, when you have outlined the bigger, more commonly used bathrooms in the house, what features should you consider for the smaller ones that you want to be more functional than just a toilet?

Here are some things you should consider when planning the design of your smaller bathrooms:




Install a corner sink. Having a sink standing in the middle of a wall, even a pedestal one, can easily disrupt the only available walking space in the bathroom. If you were to have a sink, placing a corner one across from the toilet works better than having a freestanding sink opposite the shower.

Turner Hastings Tiny Left/Right Corner Fine Fireclay Wash Basin is made from double-glazed ceramic, and is of European design, that can be elegantly installed in any modern bathroom. It also has an optional towel rail that can be installed under the sink to save more space. 




If a corner basin is not your style or you have a little more space to play with, a semi-recessed basin is a great alternative. This will give you a larger sink with minimal impact on the bathroom as it is built in to the shelf space and the vanity is of shallow depth. 

Recessed cabinets and shelves. Having a recessed cabinet above the sink, or a tiled recessed area in the shower, provides maximum storage with little impact on your space. Having either an open-face or swinging door cabinet for all your medicines, toothbrushes and toothpastes, aftershave or perfumes, will mean less clutter on the sink.

The recessed shower wall will provide you with a place to store your shampoos, conditioners and body washes without having to trip over them on the floor, or stuff them in to a caddy hanging from your showerhead. 

Sliding Shower Door. If you have a bathroom that is long yet narrow, having a sliding door on your shower, instead of one that opens outward, will save a lot of space and make the area easier to navigate.   




Find a smaller toilet. While many will look at saving space by reducing the size or footprint of other features in a bathroom, very few will look to the toilet as a feature they can save space with. Turner Hastings’ Carlo Compact Toilet Suite is the perfect space saving product for any small bathroom. 

But there is more to The Carlo than just its size. With a WELS 4 Star water efficiency rating (4.5/3L), it will save more than space. Its European styling and smooth lines, make it not only stunning to look at, but also easy to clean. 

When it comes to your bathroom, Turner Hastings has a wide variety of products to suit any space you may have. Please feel free to contact us on 1300 002 284, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form and we will contact you back as soon as possible.