European Design for Australian Shores


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (Author)

It’s no coincidence that some parts of the world are known for producing some of the most beautiful fashions and styles across a broad variety of industries consistently. From clothing and accessories, to architecture and artistry, Europe has always been known as the leader, and genesis, of some of the most beautiful fashions and styles.

Fashion has even effected entire nations, not always for the best though. A notable instance is the French Revolution. During the 18th century, known as the Enlightenment, there was a major shift of influence in art, culture and fashion from Versailles to Paris, due to the educated bourgeoisie class gaining influence and power in the salons and cafes. Towards the end of that period, Marie Antoinette became the leader of French fashion, along with her dressmaker Rose Bertin. Her preference for extreme extravagance, contributed majorly to fanning the flames of the French Revolution.

Europe has been influencing fashions and designs across the world for centuries, so it only seems natural to us at Turner Hastings to look to Europe for the latest trends in bathroom, kitchen and laundry designs.

Our latest range of vanities, the Bergamo Range, is the definition of contemporary European design. Inspired by European creators and crafted in Turkey, the Bergamo has a deep ceramic basin atop a refined vanity, capturing the essence of functional minimalism, and is fast becoming an architect’s and designers preferred choice of bathroom vanity.

The Bergamo range of minimalistic yet practical two drawer units for 60/80/100cm washbasins offer tremendous flexibility at a very affordable price - yet with the unparalled quality that Turner Hastings is known for. Designed for the contemporary home, the Bergamo range is highly versatile. Proven fact: the deeper the basin, the less the splashing...small wonder that coupled with the modest price tag, this range is fast becoming an architect/interior designer favourite. This range is stocked here in Sydney, allowing for fast and easy ordering and delivery.

In regards to architecture, Europe is the source of some of the most well-known design styles throughout history:


Romanesque (800-1200 AD): As the Roman Empire spread across Europe, so too did their heavy and stocky building design elements, of which rounded arches first emerged.


Gothic (1100-1450 AD): Pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses and other innovations, gave rise to magnificent cathedrals like Chartres and Notre Dame.


Renaissance (1400-1600 AD): Dubbed the ‘age of awakening’, the Renaissance period saw a return to classical design ideas across Italy, France and England, where they drew inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome.


Baroque (1600-1830 AD): Some of the most prominent elements of the Baroque style are irregular shapes and extravagant ornamentation. This style can be found throughout Europe, and are incorporated in to the design of St Petersburg, Russia.


Bauhaus (1919-1933 AD): Both a design style, and school of design, it is said to have had the most influence on modern architecture, art and design through the reunion of creativity and manufacturing. The Bauhaus ethos of ‘less is more’ is still being practiced today across the world in various forms.


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