Choosing Ceramic or Fine Fireclay basins over Polymarble and Acrylic

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Durability and design are key features to consider when creating the bathroom of your dreams. Your basin is the centrepiece and one of the most used fixtures within your bathroom.


Features of Ceramic

· Ceramic basins are highly stain, scratch and chemical resistant.

· Ceramic is much more hygienic than acrylic and polymarble and is much easier to clean

· Ceramic maintains glossy finish throughout the life of the basin unlike acrylic and polymarble


What is Fine Fireclay?

The majority of the Turner Hastings range of basins are made from Fine Fireclay.

Fine Fireclay is a superior material to ceramic which is becoming a popular choice for luxury basin material globally. It is manufactured from significantly different material to ceramics and is fired at temperatures in excess of 1250°C. This enables the glazing to become fused to the clay which enhances the overall durability of the basin.


Features and Benefits of Fine Fireclay

· High temperature tolerance.

· Absorbs impact better than standard ceramic.

· Greater consistency within the moulding and glazing ensuring straight flat edges and clean lines.